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Hindenburg Research just doesn’t know when to stop. They’re already being sued for defamation by Yangtze River Port and Logistics Ltd., but that doesn’t appear to slow HR down any. Here is another post HR made on StockTwits.

HindenburgResearch May 28th, 12:10 pm $YRIV So this is all ‘fake news’, according to bulls? Forbes: The $2.4 Billion Nasdaq Stock Headquartered In Apartment 2A… Barron’s: A Troubled Chinese Company Is Seeking a Lifeline From U.S. Investors… Hindenburg: Yangtze River Port & Logistics: Total Zero. On-the-Ground Research Shows Assets Appear to be Largely Fabricated… National Business Daily: From a market cap of tens of billions to its downfall. What happened to this Wuhan company listed on the US stock market?… Sina: Allegedly fabricated assets, concealed lawsuits, allegedly constitute a material misrepresentation in the stock market of Changjiang Xingang Logistics in the United States…


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse. YRIV’s stock has had a bit of a rebound from earlier. It is now trading at $.6286 on 5,616,056 in shares traded. Where it ends up without any news, but bad news is what I’m waiting to see.

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